In Memoriam of my brother Geert 19-TDT-559





My brother Geert

is suddenly deceased on





My Brothers Biggest hobby was Radio-Group Tango Delta Tango (TDT)


The Radiogroup TDT has meant a lot for Geert.


Geert has years ago the TDT dx-group acquired and became the new president.

When the health of Geert less was, he did a step back.

He was the last years world coodinator of the TDT-Group and admin of his website.


The radio hobby meant a lot to Geert. This was his life !

He had a lot of radio-friends.

I will always miss my brother because he meant a lot to me.


I want to thank everyone who Geert happiness and friendship in his life has brought

And especially, the good friend of Geert and of me,


Ignazio 1-TDT-001, TDT President of Italy.




Rest in peace dear brother, we will never forget you!


Rene ( Brother of Geert )



Look under the picture of my brother Geert for more information !!!



Important: This is written by Geert himself, when he started with the TDT group


We are a dx group since 14-08-1998.

Our goal is to make friendship all over the world, that was our dream, and it go's that way. We are outstanding about religie rass or otherwise. Everybody can be enjoy in our radiogroup.

Friendship is the most importent for anyone, to make contact with all people around the world. Or help the otherone with his antenna's. This is a brand new homepage made for you, and i made it also for our members, i think that 80% from our group has their lincense in the past years so it means 8 from ten members. We can be very proud of their "school" by our dx group.

Everybody wants his or her licence after a time of knowledge of the radio's or antennas, also to work on different frequenty's. So a lot of friends we here on longwires, we can be very proud of. Who wants to be a Tango Delta Tango member can contact us. Anyway go for your licence. It's the goal of your plesure on the radio for anybody.

 We have also very much nice Qsl cards, mostly designed by friend Ignazio 1 TDT 001 Italy President. We have Jerry 19 TDT 001 President TDT DX World and René 19 TDT 068 Vice President World lets take a look of them okay ?

My name is Geert 19 TDT 559 coordinator and Webmaster TDT World, so let we go to see to this beautifull Qsl cards, are you ready? (See the QSL-gallery in the webmenu)

Recommed by Geert 19-TDT-559

And this has Geert also written

A high service is that we have a lot of people who can build antennas, towers no matter how high it is. Also me, i did my work for companies as Shell and Esso in the offshore on 90 meters high. It was a great time, but we have a couple in our group that go's also very high as need. i let you see some nice pictures.

Greatings Geert 19-TDT-559



>>>>> IMPORTANT <<<<<

If anyone is from the Netherlands, who seriously wants to be
the new President of Tango Delta Tango Netherlands and wants to manage the website Netherlands.

Please inform to 1-TDT-001 Ignazio / Italy President and official Qsl manager

Visit the website of 1-TDT-001 Ignazio Tango Delta Tango Italy